Shipbuilding (Week 22)

Phase I

After reviewing the shipbuilding video by MeyerTurku, it is evident that a lot of hard work has to be put into the construction of a cruise ship. Featured in the video, the ship was built using a modular system. Building the ship using modular system has its pros and cons.

Pros: It is fast. It is possible to outsource part of the work to other companies (Cheaper, if there is outsource, competition will bring the price down). Enable cradle to cradle framework (Once the ship end its service life, parts that are still functional can be reused in other ships)

Cons: Modular systems tend to lack  customization once the ship is built. During maintenance, when maintaining certain parts of the structure, how would it affect other parts of the ship?

Now consumers generally prefer companies that have sustainability integrated into their businesses, they are more willing to pay more for greener technology.

Phase II


  • Cradle to cradle (Design consideration from birth to end of service)
  • Using renewable resources. (Oil is projected to be fully depleted by the year 2050 and gas to be fully depleted around 2065) As the design concept is a future cruise ship in 2050, using oil to move the ship would not that sustainable anymore. Renewable energy such as wind energy, solar energy and even using biomass to produce energy.

Resource Efficiency: 

  • One such example would be have heat recovery system that can reuse heat exhaust from motors. (Evaporating cooler)
  • Using non-rotating parts, this will greatly increase the energy efficiency of the motor. (Example, magnetic fridge)

Green technology 

  • Using better insulation to reduce energy lost to the surrounding.
  • Using a treadmill or other gym equipment to produce some power.

Phase III

Another point I would like to add in is: Connectivity.

While taking the train from Helsinki to Turku, there is WiFi connection throughout the ride (I used that WiFi to update this thoughts) My team was thinking whether can we bring the connectivity into the cruise ship. One of the solution would be via Project Loon, aka google balloon project. Project Loon link below. Having a perpetual connection to the Internet on board a cruise ship would be a game changing experience, especially if this is set up using satellites or by utilizing Project Loon.



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