Tech industry developments for cruise ships (Week 21)

Part 1: Future Cruise Enhancements

Cruise ships could receive a whole plethora of enhancements as a by-product of the exponential rate of technological advancement. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a current hot topic in the world of technology and its potential impact on cruise ships is huge.

Cruise ships in the current day and age come equipped with many amenities, both basic as well as highly sophisticated. The IoT could vastly improve these by making the amenities “smart”. They will be able to track individual user needs, and through rigorous data analysis and data mining, the technology at play will be able to adapt to each individual user’s needs. While this may be seen as a breach of privacy or a step towards a highly monitored world, one must understand that IT security must advance at the same pace as well.

Augmented Reality (AR)  is another area in which cruise ships could benefit from. AR is able to trick the mind into thinking an object being looked at is three-dimensional when in actual fact it is two-dimensional. Through a clever use of perspectives and environmental awareness, a 3D image is created. This could have a potential use of being able to cure sea sickness temporarily by tricking the mind and body into believing that the person is stationary. Sea sickness is caused by a mismatch of signals being processed by the brain. Your vision tells you that you are stationary but the fluid in your inner ears tell you that you are moving, and this can cause a person to feel nauseous. If AR can be utilised in such a way to reverse this effect, perhaps cruise ships could reach out to a wider audience and increase revenue as well as comfort for the said people.

Part 2: Other Interesting Technologies

  • AR headsets
    • AR headsets could be used to counter sea sickness
    • Could be used for pure entertainment purposes
  • Robotic Manufacturing
    • Efficient assembly of repetitive components (prefabricated components etc)
    • Minimization in human error with machine precision.
  • Turbocharging
    • Well-known technology used to save fuel for ship propulsion engines
    • Utilizes exhaust gases to create higher power outputs at lower engine speeds
  • Cruise-wide delivery network
    • A fully automatic delivery network throughout a cruise ship which allows for food to be delivered to any part of the ship to a user as per their request
  • Smart social hub
    • The social hub would be an area where people are welcome to socialize and get to know one another better
    • It is a very open area with different sections for smoking and drinking
    • The smart aspect comes in when the hub is able to adjust its ambiance depending on the behavior of the guests
    • By installing various motion sensors and cameras, a sophisticated algorithm could decipher behavioral patterns of the guests
    • If guests are feeling uneasy, adjust the lighting or music being played in the background
    • This will create a very seamless and adaptable environment for guests and would prove to be a wonderful experience for all

The AR headsets could benefit Bonjos Niijaru and Heather as they could watch their favorite shows or support their favorite teams while perhaps being able to imagine themselves actually being in the show.

For people like Zenn, the social hub is one area he can make use of to expand his social network.

Part 3: Walk away

Zenn, sporting a tight-fitting shirt, strutted into the social hub as he was sick and tired of hanging around outside wasting his life away. Rumor had it that the social hub was the most hip and happening place to be. He was missing out.

The moment he walked in, eyes shot straight at him. A smile slowly took shape on his face as he eyeballed every person in sight, passing off his silent judgement and approval of every individual. He spotted a person surprisingly not looking at him. A middle aged man with slick-backed jet black hair and adorning a rather gruff demeanor. Did he think he was greater than Zenn?

The man was engaged in deep conversation with two other middle-aged men, but Zenn decided to interrupt.

“Hey I don’t see you lookin,” Zenn blurted.

The man shot a dirty glance at Zenn and while holding his slim glass of champagne, gave Zenn a frown and shake of the head in disapproval.

“Lookin’ at what?” the man questioned with a menacing tone.

The smart social hub detected a disturbance in the mood of the area. It promptly ran the numbers and cracked at its algorithm and eventually brightened the lights slightly and slowed down the pace of the background music.

Zenn was about to heat up but he promptly calmed down and said, “Nothin’ I’m just out of it.”

“Yeah right. You don’t deserve a single glance from any poor soul,” the man beckoned.

Zenn began to get irritated One part of him wanted him to fight, the other wanted him to walk away. The hub again adjusted. It sent a robotic waiter to Zenn to strike up a conversation with him. Zenn was taken aback and was wondering what was going on. He knew the waiters were impenetrable, nobody could get past them. So the more angelic part of him took over and he told himself he should walk away.

And so he did.


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