Introduction of Members (Week 18)


Yvonne Chia, Diploma in Business Information Technology

Hello, I am a year 3 student from Singapore Polytechnic currently pursuing the course of Diploma in Business Information Technology. I am passionate in designing. I set high standards for myself as I take pride in my work. I strongly believe that hard work, perseverance and determination is the key to success.  Although my educational choices have evolved around academic subjects, I have also found enjoyment and creativity in visual art.

Tio Zhi Kai, Diploma in Chemical Engineering

Hello, I am Zhikai from Singapore Polytechnic. I am 18 year old, currently studying chemical engineering with CDIO framework. I strongly believe in learning agility, in current dynamic world, technology changes really fast and we got to keep learning to catch up with the latest technology. I really like how CDIO framework force me to think, innovate and most importantly, take responsible for my own learning. Currently, I am under Singapore Polytechnic Outstanding Talent(SPOT) program and executive committee of SPOT club. I had done a CDIO project on Bio-ethanol purification where my team and I tried to increase the yield and purity of ethanol distillation by adding a membrane.   I like to gym and run. I used to play volleyball and badminton.  This will be my first time going to Europe!! I am very excited for the trip!! Also, I look forward to meeting friends from all around the world. Hope to see you guys soon!!

Bruce Leong, Diploma in Civil Engineering with Business

Greeting, I am Bruce, a second year Civil Engineering student from Singapore Polytechnic. Before undertaking my current course of study, I used to study design at the School of the Arts, Singapore, where I acquired many of my design thinking and ideology. I believe in achieving maximum efficiency in whatever we do, being able to do more with less, which allows us to do what many would perceive as unthinkable and impossible. My main interests lies in the field of buildings and the design of the its spaces within and out. I hope to be able to meet my fellow participants and get to know and share with you guys more.

Ajay Pillay, Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Hey there, my name is Ajay and I’m currently in Year 3, studying the Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Engineering is a passion and interest of mine, and I believe that it is one of the most crucial frontiers for the future of the world as we know it. I also love engaging and interacting with people across all walks of life and am able to work with anybody at all. I look forward to the CDIO Academy 2016 and hope to make the most out of it. I am also part of Singapore Polytechnic Ambassadors as the Treasurer and part of the Logistics Department. Apart from school-related affairs, I enjoy programming and reading a whole variety of topics.

Aarynjeet Singh Travis, Diploma in Mechatronics & Robotics

Hi, my name is Travis; I am currently pursuing the course of Mechatronics and Robotics in my third year at Singapore Polytechnic.  Since I was young, engineering has sparked an interest in me, from playing with LEGO’s to building working mechanical robots. It is my opinion that Engineering is a very important field of work as Engineering allows us to innovate and develop new technologies in almost every aspect, medical, space, military and etc. As a person I am able to work with majority of people and I enjoy sharing my experiences and ideas with others. I really am excited for the upcoming CDIO trip and I hope I am able to put my 100% effort and resources to benefit my visit there. Other than my passion in Engineering, I am a football player for a club in Singapore, GALAXY FC and I enjoy playing console games in my free time.


Sustainable Vacations:

Leisure Business:

High Technology:

Green engineering and sustainability in ship building:



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